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Notifications for Long Processes

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Tired of manually monitoring long processes during your daily grind at work?  How many times have you launched a build and headed off to the water-cooler, only to find that it stopped a minute into the one hour build _after_ you came back?  Ever forget about a big job because you were so caught up in lots of other little jobs?  These types of things can really stall progress on big tasks.

Check out a tool called jnotify if you want help with these types of issues.  In short, it notifies you when a process completes.  Notifications can be SMS messages from your Google Voice account, Email messages via SMTP, or a Growl Notification.  You can start your jobs using jnotify, or point the tool at any existing process for monitoring.  It can even monitor processes on remote hosts using SSH.  Visit the bitbucket page for more info or to get a copy.  If you spend much time at a terminal you’ll thank yourself.

Jnotify is a work in progress.  Watch it for updates or contribute if it doesn’t do everything you need.  It’s OpenSource!  Find the jnotify repository in this link.