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Keep Your Mac Awake With Caffeine

March 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Tired of your Mac falling asleep when it should be doing your bidding?  Maybe you’re running a service on it you need  24/7 access to?  Apple seems to be a little too environmentally friendly some days.  It’s hard to keep a Mac completely awake – no matter what you do in System Preferences.

I have a VOIP VM that I occasionally run on my iMac.  Despite setting my iMac to “never sleep” in its System Preferences, the VOIP server would frequently unregister and cause phone outages because the Mac was going to sleep anyway.

A free program called Caffeine solved my problems.  Check it out at the Lighthead website or install it from the App Store.  You can easily turn it on or off indefinitely or for an amount of time.  It simply and effectively keeps your computer completely awake, display and all, or allows it to keep its normal sleep schedule.  Maybe it can help you, too.



Lower Your Phone Bill: $70 to $10

December 27, 2012 3 comments

Think you can lower your monthly phone bill from $70 to $10?  Want to add a free line for that chatty child in your home?  You can do all that and more by picking the right VOIP solution.

I have been using GV (Google Voice) on my home phone for a couple of years now at no cost.  I recently called “the man” at the phone company and told them to put their copper pairs back on a spool and take a hike.  Now I’m keeping %85 percent of my phone bill every month.  Hey – 85% is an “A” grade in Canadian schools (No “eh” reference intended).  The savings is great and the features are awesome if you can attain acceptable reliability. Read more…