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Perspective on Swift

I had mixed reactions to Apple’s announcement of Swift.  My first thought was, maybe two wrong’s will make a right?  Objective C is the first wrong.  Now Apple’s creating another closed language of its own and I’m struggling to see why they couldn’t have used one of a few other open, existing languages instead.

Part of my frustration stems from the fact that at one point Apple actively blocked developers from using languages like Lua in iOS apps.  Now they’re releasing a language that looks very similar to Lua.  I’m not sure if that’s ironic, or hypocritical, or maybe a combination.  One thing seems apparent; Apple exercises strong control over their developers.

Time will tell if it was a good move.  Keep your fingers crossed.



  1. June 12, 2014 at 10:10 am

    Another light-hearted look at Swift? Seriously, I like some things about Apple. I’ve done iOS development. Just don’t love their language choices. Oh well.


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