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Apple Moving From Appleshare to SMB(X)

Mac users have shared their files for years with AppleShare.  While Apple did eventually leverage Samba to connect with the Windows world, they have continued to use their own protocol as a primary means to enable collaboration amongst computers.  AppleShare is reportedly an integral part of the Time Machine (TM) backup system, for example.

Mac owners that also love Linux run Netatalk so they can connect with Mac machines and serve TM shares.  Having a TM server as part of my RAID5 NAS has been very convenient.  One could even turn around and mirror TM backups for multiple machines into the cloud with a service like Crashplan or something similar.  Possibilities abound.

Apple seems to be switching from AppleShare to SMB.  Is this the Apple we know?  I’m not sure.  Despite the unrest this move may provoke in hard-core fanboys, I’m happy to see Apple join the rest of the world with a somewhat open, and definitely common file sharing platform.  I dislike SMB in general for its sluggish performance and lackluster security, but as long as you don’t use it over a WAN it gets the job done with almost any modern computer you may find.  Let’s hope industry promises about recent enhancements in the SMB protocol (SMB2) come to fruition and that Apple’s SMBX plays well enough with others for speedy, solid performance.

And hey – maybe it means I can run one fewer daemons on my Home Server one day…

Read more about Apple switching to SMB from AppleShare on AppleInsider


  1. Ryan at Code 42
    June 14, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Good article.
    It appears that Time Machine still requires AFP right now. So it might be awhile before you can run fewer daemons.


    And on a slightly off-topic note, CrashPlan isn’t able to back up Time Machine Archives, so you might have to use something similar to mirror TM backups to the cloud. Or back up your computers directly with CrashPlan instead.


    Ryan at Code 42, makers of CrashPlan

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