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Secure Email Made Easy

Security Schmurity

Never send anything confidential via email without using encryption.  Exchanging tax documents with your accountant?  Working with an online Mortgage company?  DO NOT use email to transport this type of information in clear-text.

Emails get cloned and stored many times as they travel the Net.  Even if the connection between your computer and the “server” is secure, the end-to-end route is almost certainly not.  The key to keeping your data safe is to encrypt the email message itself.

There are two challenges to keeping email confidential.  There’s an enormous amount of ground to cover when you put the two together.

  • The number of times it’s copied.  It’s likely impossible to find all the copies.
  • The length copies live.  Sensitive data may lay dormant for decades before killing your financial security.

Who’s Keeping Your Data?

You should secure your email for storage, too, and not just transport.  That’s another reason to secure the content, and not just the transport.  Hackers routinely break into popular services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and others to steal your valuable data.  More fundamentally, you should never trust organizations to do the “right thing” with your data.  Even legal actions could put you at a loss when it comes to your sensitive information.


Encryption has been available for many, many years now.  Why do so few people understand it, let alone know how to use it?  Most of us probably don’t feel the need to use encryption very often.  The time investment to learn the technology is too high for the perceived benefit of doing so.  In addition to time, users will often have to part with their money for user-friendly software.  Maybe it just doesn’t seem worth it to most people most of the time.

Make it Easy

Check out Mailvelope.com.  Securing email just got a lot easier for us all.  It’s free and relatively easy to use.  It’s a browser plugin that works with most webmail services.  All you need is a browser, email service, and the mailvelope plugin.  Their site also features documentation to_quickly_ help you learn what to do.  If you want a decent, if somewhat silly, video introduction, check the Hak5 episode on it.

Go and Do!

Take control of your confidential information.  You can do it with great tools like this and a small amount of work.  It will be worth it.  Good luck!

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