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9 Reasons You Must Get Dropbox

If you haven’t heard of Dropbox you’re missing out on one of the best things to hit computing in the last decade.  It’s a cornucopia of digital goodness.  And it’s free.  Here’s a list of things it can do for you.

  • Create a place to store files for all your electronic devices that’s always available.
  • Transfer files that are too large to send as an email attachment by putting them in Dropbox and sharing a public link.
  • Get a copy those files/pics you want – even if you don’t have a thumb-drive handy.  All you need is a browser.
  • Read a PDF on your mobile device while you’re on the road.
  • Collaborate on a project with friends.  Share a folder and you all own the files.
  • Dropbox saves the history of all files it keeps.  Think revision control for dummies.
  • Share pictures with friends and family.
  • Use your public folder like an FTP or HTTP server.  Think of it as free web-hosting.
  • Be the coolest cowboy in your hamlet.  Dropbox is so l33t.

Okay, there are other similar services out there, but Dropbox is one of the most popular; and for good reason.  It has a decent privacy policy, seems to run on anything and everything, is easy to use, and reliable.  It does one thing and does it well.

Some times when Dropbox made my life easier:

  • Snagged some pics from a friend when I didn’t have a thumb-drive.  Got on their computer and copied everything I wanted using Chrome.  Minutes later the files started showing up on my phone and every other device I own.
  • Posted an AVI for a group of people to download.  It was way too big to send via email and making a DVD for everyone would have been too much work.  (Don’t worry – it was legal and prudent to share)
  • Saved 3D drawings for use from multiple computers.  Didn’t have to worry about which computer had the latest version.  Allowed me to revert to previous versions if my development took a wrong turn.
  • Used it for simple revision control of “C” files for a small project.  Allowed me to do code reviews on-the-go with even my phone.

You get 2GB for free when you sign up.  If you want a little bit more storage, use this link to sign-up and we can both enjoy a little more space.

  1. January 3, 2013 at 5:30 am

    I think you need to consider a SkyDrive option as well. Especially if you are getting Windows 8 or Office 2013. It works cool with either system.

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