Piston Pen Holder on Thingiverse

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S4 Piston Pen Holder

For all those with a Samsung S4 and writing utensils, this “thing” might interest you.  It rocks an automotive style.  Inspiration is pistons, and other engine parts.  Download the STL files for free and have them printed at the service of your choice.





BlackBerry’s meltdown sparks startup boom in Canada’s Silicon Valley

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Video: 3D-Printed Drone Flies High

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3D Print Usable Buildings

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3D Print Usable Buildings

Interesting developments in 3D printing real buildings.

Microsoft Getting a Clue?

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Microsoft seems less relevant than ever in the global software picture.  While I’ve never been extremely fond of most of their products, competition in the marketplace is a great thing.

I recently purchased a Windows8 laptop from Asus and was pleasantly surprised.  For all you Apple fanboys and fangirls, it’s basically and iPad with Windows apps on it.  The graphical login is pretty cool and unique from what I can tell, the Asus HW seems solid, and the touchscreen experience is nice.  Best of all, the control panel is somewhere new.  We wouldn’t recognize an OS release from Redmond if it didn’t change the location of the Control Panel.  ;)

Now this link, where Microsoft is gaming their way back into the hearts and minds of the next generation.  They are incentivizing people to develop Windows8 apps.  It’s going to take a lot more of this type of thing from what I can tell.  None of my friends are excited to jump on the Windows App bandwagon like they were to make an iOS app…  yet.  I think it’s a smart move.



Multifunction 3D Machines

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There’s been a proliferation of Multifunction 3D Manufacturing machines lately.  These products look really neat on the surface, but does the Jack of all trades, master of none principal apply?  See the Microfactory and the Zeus.

3D printing does require a lot of tinkering to get right.  The self-leveling feature of the Zeus would obviate a good portion of user care in theory.  So long as the extra features don’t make these machines harder to setup and use, they could be a larger step forward in the 3D Printing landscape than we’ve seen in a little while.


Thinner Touchscreens

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Check out this story on the the latest in touchscreen technology.  This one is 0.5mm thin and connects to other devices via Bluetooth.  Looks pretty cool.

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